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Signalling Notices

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BR(S) 48-59
1948 - 1959
1959 - 1984
1959 - 1984
1959 - 1984
BR(S) 84-91
1984 - 1991

British Rail (Southern Region) > South Eastern Division
(1959 - 1984)

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No. 1 SED - 17th February, 1959
Between Factory Junction and Herne Hill, Brixton and Nunhead, Canterbury Road Junction and Loughborough Junction
No. 2 SED - 10th March, 1959
Between Nunhead and Ravensbourne
O  Scans
No. 3 SED - 1st April, 1959
Between Herne Hill, New Beckenham, and Beckenham Junction
O  Scans
No. 4 SED - 13th April, 1959
Between Gillingham (Kent) and Western Junction (Sittingbourne)
O  Scans
No. 5 SED - 22nd April, 1959
Between Graveney Crossing (Faversham) and Westgate-on-Sea
O  Scans
No. 6 SED - 30th April, 1959
Between Swanley and Gillingham (Kent)
No. 7 SED - 11th May, 1959
Between Western Junction (Sittingbourne) and Graveney Crossing (Faversham) (including the Sheerness-on-Sea Branch) and between Faversham and Clock House Crossing
O  Scans
No. 8 SED - 15th May, 1959
Between Beckenham Junction, Bellingham and Farningham Road and between Grove Park and Orpington 'A' Signal Box
O  Scans
No. 9 SED - 1st. June, 1959
Sole Street and Strood Junction
O  Scans
No. 10 SED - 29th June, 1959
Between Westgate-on-Sea and Ramsgate
O  Scans
No. 11 SED - 29th August, 1960
Between Sandwich (Richborough Level Crossing), Minster and Ramsgate
O  Scans
No. 12 SED - 28th June, 1961
O  Scans
No. 13 SED - 1st December, 1961
Folkestone Harbour
O  Scans
No. 14 SED - 11th January, 1962
Between Parks Bridge Junction and Chislehurst Junction, Bromley North and Sidcup
No. 15 SED - 29th January, 1962
Between Smeeth and Archcliffe Junction and between Folkestone Junction and Folkestone Harbour
O  Scans
No. 16 SED - 8th February, 1962
Between Chislehurst Junction and Tonbridge 'A' and between Bat and Ball and Sevenoaks
O  Scans
No. 17 SED - 16th February, 1962
Between Shoreham (Kent), Kemsing and Bat and Ball
O  Scans
No. 18 SED - 26th February, 1962
O  Scans
No. 19 a SED - April 1959
Examination of Penge Tunnel in the case of Track Circuit Failure
O  Scans
No. 19 SED - 1st March, 1962
Between Tonbridge and Wadhurst
No. 20 SED - 8th March, 1962
Between Tonbridge and Pluckley and between Paddock Wood and Yalding
O  Scans
No. 21 SED - 13th March, 1962
Introduction of Colour Light Signals and new Signal Box at Maidstone East (in place of certain existing semaphore running signals) and abolition of existing Maidstone East Signal Box
O  Scans
No. 22 SED - 26th March 1962
Introduction of Colour Light Signals Between Headcorn and Westhanger and between Ashford (Kent) and Hothfield, Wye and Ham Street (in place of certain existing semaphore and colour light running signals) and abolition of existing Chart, Ashford (kent) "B", "C", "D" and "E," Sevington and Smeeth Signal Boxes also bringing into use new signal box at Ashford (Kent) and new Up Canterbury Passenger Loop, Up Passenger Loop and Reversible Lines
O  Scans
No. 23 SED - 4th May, 1962
Chislet Colliery
O  Scans
No. 24 SED - May, 1967
Blackfriars, Southwark Depot, Metropolitan Junction and Borough Market Junction
O  Scans
No. 25 SED - April, 1968
Between Herne Hill and Shortlands Junction
O  Scans
No. 26 SED - November, 1969
Between North Kent East Junction and Charlton
No. 27 SED - January 1970
Between Blackfriars and Herne Hill
No. 28 SED - February 1970
Between Lewisham and Welling; Westcombe Park and Plumstead; Blackheath and Charlton
No. 29 SED - March 1970
Between Hither Green and Sidcup
No. 30 SED - November, 1970
A.P.C.M. Works Merry-Go-Round Line at Northfleet
No. 31 SED - July 1970
Between Woolwich Arsenal, Falconwood, Sidcup and Northfleet
No. 32 SED - October, 1970
Between Swanley and Otford Junction
O  Scans
No. 33 SED - January, 1971
Between Ladywell and New Beckenham
O  Scans
No. 34 SED - January, 1971
Between Northfleet and Denton Crossing
O  Scans
No. 35 SED - March, 1971
Between Denton Crossing and Higham
O  Scans
No. 36 SED - August, 1971
Between Higham and Cuxton
No. 37 SED / 11CD - 8th November, 1972
Between Clapham Junction and Stewarts Lane Longhedge Junction and Stewarts Lane Longhedge Junction and Factory Junction
No. 38 SED - December 1972
Gillingham (Kent)
No. 39 SED - July 1973
No. 40 SED - August 1974
Cannon Street
No. 41 SED / 12CD - June 1975
Between London Bridge (Central), Anerley, North Dulwich and Wandsworth Road (including Bricklayers Arms Junction to North Kent West Junction and the Sydenham Spur Lines)
O  Scans
No. 42 SED - August 1975
Between Ladywell, Hayes and Woodside
O  Scans
No. 43 SED - January 1976
Between New Cross and Hither Green (including St. Johns to Lewisham (North Kent Lines), Lewisham to Ladywell (Mid-Kent Lines), Lewisham Loop Lines, Ladywell Loop Lines and the Down and Up Nunhead Lines)
O  Scans
No. 44 SED - -
Between Charing Cross/Cannon Street and New Cross/Deptford including the Bricklayers Arms Branch at North Kent East Junction
O  Scans
No. 45 SED - September 1976
Between Parks Bridge Junction and Chislehurst Junction/New Eltham including the Bromley North Branch and the Lee Spur Lines
O Dscr.Scans
No. 46 SED -
[See 14 C.D.]
No. 47 SED -
[See 16 C.D.]
No. 48 SED -
[See 17 C.D.]
No. 49 SED - August 1979
Between Appledore and Hastings (Ore Station)
O  Scans
No. 50 SED - March 1980
Between Buckland Junction and Hawkesbury Street Junction
No. 52 SED -
[See 25CD]
No. 53 SED -
[See 26CD]
No. 54 SED -
[See 27CD]
No. 55 SED -
[See 30 CD]
No. 56 SED -
[See 34 CD]
No. 57 SED -
[See 36CD]
No. 58 SED -
[See 37CD]
No. 59 SED -
[See 38CD]
No. 60 SED - December 1983
Between Borough Green and Maidstone East
No. 61 SED - March 1984
Between Maidstone East and Hothfield

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