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1830s - 1923
1909 - 1922
1835 - 1923

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(1835 - 1923)

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S.693 - Wednesday, August 24th, 1910
New Down Distant Signal at Weymouth Junction, Etc.
O  Scans
S.1216 - March 1925
Special Instructions for Working of the Goods Lines between Canons Marsh Goods Depot and Avon Crescent Crossing Signal Box over the Junction Lock Swing Bridge, Bristol.
S.1217 - March 1925
Regulations for Working of the Swing Bridges on the Canons Marsh Line, and Signalling of Goods Trains between Ashton Junction, Ashton Swing Bridge and Junction Lock Bridge.
S.1333 - April 1928
Severn Tunnel Instructions, and assisting passenger trains, Grafton Curve
O Dscr.Scans
S.1610 - April 29th, 1934
Opening Up Nos. 3 and 4, No. 5 Up Bay and No. 11 Down Bay Platforms, Bristol (Temple Meads)
S.1667 - May, 1935
Opening New Platforms, Nos. 3, 4 and 5, Bristol (Temple Meads).
O Dscr. 
S.1759 - 28th November 1937
Signalling Alterations - Yeovil Town
S.1816 - December 1939
Signal Alterations - Bristol (Temple Meads) East Signal Box
O  Scans
S.1897 - Sunday, September 28th 1941
Portland - New Signal Box
O  Scans
S.1914 - Tuesday, 17th February, 1942
New Signal Box - Kingsdown Road - Highworth Branch
O  Scans
S.1916 - January 1946
Instructions for working through the Severn Tunnel.
O Dscr. 
S.2100 - January 1946
Instructions for working over the SR.
O Dscr.Scans

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